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Recorded in our practice space December '12.


released December 5, 2012

Lily - Vocals
Jake - Guitar
Matthew - Bass
Shane - Drums



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Nervous Condition Boston, Massachusetts

From Boston, MA. Always interested in playing all ages, DIY shows. Email us at inertialily@gmail.com

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Track Name: Nervous Condition
Where there is only static
It is hard to hear a sound
There is only noise
There is only now

Subject to a nervous condition
Subject to your objectification

Keep my eyes closed
Static blocks the sound
My senses have become
Dull to what surrounds

There is only static
It's hard to hear a growl
There is only noise
There is only now
Subject to a nervous condition
Subject to your objectification
Track Name: Back Alley Shadows
You bow your head and close your eyes
Kill us with vows, but you choose life?

The shadows know our names
Drive us to back alley graves
Bow your head and whisper

Hail mother Mary full of fucking grace
Poor little girl left without a name
There is no life, before your first breath
There is no life, after your death
There is no god giving you something back

Get on your knees to beg and pray
Under a nation full of pain
They have their hands in everything
My body is always at stake

Back alley shadows have so much to claim
Track Name: Nothings Left
We oppress each other
We are all oppressed
We will throw daggers
In a world that drives us to the edge

Gather common enemies
Erase entire histories
Police your borders so you believe
There something worth saving left

But nothings fucking left


Massacred without a trace
No one knows their native place
We sing songs
On the graves of those who never had a chance to sing
Track Name: Theoretical Safety
How do we still allow a space like this?
She became a victim
She didn't ask for it
Deconstruct your hegemonic ways
Just because this is punk rock
Doesn't make it safe

Your excuses only expose you
Your tolerance creates nothing but destruction
Your excuses only expose you
You are less than human
Yet you treat us like dogs
Your excuses only expose you
You ignorance creates nothing but destruction

How do we really live like this?
When theory and practice are always amiss
Every two seconds, middle of the fucking day, after hours

Is this what you call safe?
Track Name: Out for Slaughter
We have the power
Reframe human nature
Politicians can't be bothered
Leaving us out for the slaughter
Every minute in America, queers everywhere are being asked to assimilate into a sexist, racist, fucked up society. Join the military? Get married?


Never forget
The jails that trap and consume
Never forget
They were created for you

And you want me to ‘participate?’

Track Name: Invisible
We do not exist
In constructed binary
They thrive on power
Our misplaced identity
How do I live in a world that wasn’t made for me?
Someone give me answers
Someone let me breathe

Dismantle your thought
Invisible, we're not